Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What about updates? 

As a client of ours, and more importantly a student of ours, any updates that may occur during a module offering will be provided to you directly and as soon as possible.

What happens if I fail an exam? 

In the event you do not successfully pass an exam using our materials, feel free to contact us and we will extend your access to materials. That is our guarantee to you. 

Why are you so much cheaper?

Our goal is to provide the core materials needed to pass. We removed the fluff other providers jam into their offerings thereby increasing their prices. We do not believe there should be such a higher barrier to quality CPA materials.

What is the delivery method?

We provide our materials electronically ready to download. This method is not only eco-friendly, but also lets us keep our costs lower for you. 

Do you have sampler materials?

Yes, feel free to reach out to us at indicating you would like to check out sampler materials and for more information.

Do you provide returns? 

We are confident you will be completely satisfied with the module materials purchased. If you are unsure and want to check out the materials before purchase, please contact us for sampler materials. Once purchased, we do not provide a refund since an eBook is issued with every purchase.